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General informations

warranty validity period

Pls find in the following section informations about the default warranty coverage:

Industrial systems & servers3 years bring-in
Business computers3 years bring-in
Networking Appliances3 years bring-in
Customized solutionsaccording to agreements
2 years bring-in if not further specified
All other products2 years if not further specified

warranty coverage

All systems with warranty - related issues are repaired or exchanged by us. The RMA process (see below) is easy and fast.

A system check-up of returned units is generally not charged. In cases the repair is not free (e.g. because warranty is run out) you will receive a proposal (fixed price) for the costs.

The shipment to TX-Team is to be payed by the customer, the return shipping pays TX-Team.

warranty upgrades and SLAs

The warranty for all of our products is expandable to up to 5 years (bring-in)

Furthermore we are offering project-related on-site service, pick-up-and-return agreements as well as remote service (if possible)

engineering process

If it turns out a customized product or a completely new design is the best-fit solution for your application / your product:
This doesn't mean necessarily high engineering costs and long lead times! Minimum order qty. is as less as 1 pcs.
If detailed requirements are provided we are able to calculate costs and lead time, rapidly and propose a fix priced solution.
In order to make sure the end product fits perfectly your demands, we usually follow a step-by-step approach as follows:

  • Collect information about all essential requirements
  • Provided with a detailed system description, technical and commercial details, as well as a proposal containing the estimated lead time
  • Delivery of a prototype along with decent test data
  • Perform modifications, if needed
  • Delivery of (zero-) series

Download of drivers, data and documentations

Note: Pls. find all related content (incl. drivers) for your system in the product pages of our online shop (under “downloads”)

For retired products pls. use the links below:


Driver for Fanless - eNUC (Celeron 2xxxU, i3 4xxxU, i5 4xxxU CPU)

Driver for Fanless - eNUC (Celeron 3xxxU, i3 5xxxU, i5 5xxxU CPU)

Driver for Fanless IPC - Q170 - series

Driver for Fanless - Industrial Server Q170 (follow the steps to download drivers for model PH11SI)

Driver for Fanless - Industrial Server EXP

Driver for Fanless IPC - H110 (follow the steps to download drivers for model D-3474B)

Driver for Fanless IPC - GX (follow the steps to download drivers for model D-3313-Sx)

Driver for Fanless IPC - N3150

Business Mini PC:

Driver for Mini Premium

Driver for Fanless - HighEnd L

Driver forFanless - HighEnd


Driver for 19" Server Basic

Driver for 19" Server Pro

Driver for 19" Fanless Server 2HE

Driver for Fanless - Server Octa

Driver forFanless - Server

Miscellanious Drivers:

Driver for integrated UPS

Driver for Intel Wireless AC 7260 module (incl. Bluetooth)


customs tariff numbers: pls. ask

suppliers declaraion: pls. ask

Online RMA request

Easy and fast RMA processing online: click here

Get in touch with us

Don't find what you need? - Just ask us:

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82377 Penzberg
Tel: 49/(0)8856/80390-0
Fax: 49/(0)8856/8039-09

opening hours: Mo. - Fr. 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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