All TX-Team systems are designed to avoid hazardous and conflicting substances. The subsequent recyclability is also an important issue: TX-Team constructions can be dismantled very easily and no composites or adhesives are used. We do not have any superfluous parts that are only available for marketing or production reasons.

Designed for a long service life and equipped with state-of-the-art technology that works without fans, TX-Team systems are sustainable "by design". In addition, there are highly efficient power supplies, which are matched to the load situation of the respective systems.

Limit values of the relevant directives such as RoHS or Eco-Design, in some cases also have to be taken into account. was significantly lower than in the previous year. This also applies to the requirements of non-binding directives, such as the Blue Angel.

But it is not only the operation of our products that contributes to sustainability, our production has also been CO² - neutral for years.

Many components - including housings and cooling components, as well as many printed circuit boards - are manufactured in Germany or Europe, which prevents long transport routes and ensures environmentally friendly production through long production runs.

We also pay close attention to regional and responsible procurement at contract manufacturers and other suppliers.

Assembly and testing always take place in our factory in Penzberg.

The entire cycle from planning to the finished product is covered by lean production processes. This means that you can achieve as much as possible with as few resources as possible. Anything that is not directly used by the customer is omitted.