TX-Team delivers worldwide to companies of all sizes and industries, as well as to public institutions such as schools, research centres and administrations.

Many systems are sold as OEM or with the customer's branding, so most of them are not mentioned here. But some of them do and so we can give you a little insight - many thanks to the respective companies / institutions:

Flughafen Berlin
Forschungszentrum Garching

Some reference projects are listed below:

Automotive testing:
Measuring system for integration in vehicles. The system collects data via GPIO, CAN and several high-resolution cameras and evaluates them in real time. The compact and robust device is insensitive to vibrations, temperature fluctuations and fluctuations in the power supply. 
DIN PC for building automation:
Due to space restrictions in the control cabinet, this mini - IPC was created. It is equipped with a quad-core SoC and has a volume of only 130x90x44 mm. Connections that must be quickly accessible by maintenance personnel (in assembled condition) from above.
The specially developed baseboard only executes the signals that are really needed, i. e. I/Os: This saves costs and increases reliability.
The robust full aluminium case also allows easy changes to the layout. 
PC suitable for DIN rail power distribution boxes:
This system was developed with an appropriately graded housing design. Specific characteristics are:
- IOs partly accessible from above and partly from the side
- max. width 90mm, max. depth: 8HP
- Fanless, maintenance-free
- Attractive design with the possibility of company logo on the top side
  to engrave
- Expandable hardware, Windows Embedded Standard 7, Quad-Core
Entertainment server system for use in aviation:
Construction of a prototype for a communication and entertainment Server system for use in aviation. Among other things, the device has an integrated UPS that guarantees a bridging time of over 10 hours using LiFePo battery technology. The fanless housing concept is a completely new development and adapted to the conditions of the existing, very tight installation space.
Airport fire brigade / operations management:
An efficient 19" IPC was required for the mission control vehicles of the company fire brigade of a major airport. Because different server services are needed, VMWare ESXi (physically on a RAID1 network) runs on the device. 
In-line camera inspection:
These systems are used for camera-assisted inspection of plastic injection molded parts. Since the cycle times are very short and the cameras have to process several high-resolution video streams in real time, the demands on processing power are extremely high. A Core i7 CPU, 32GB RAM and a high-performance connected (opto-isolated) GPIO card ensure that the required latencies are reliably maintained.
As the systems are mounted directly on the equipment and are therefore exposed to dirt, heat, vibrations and electromagnetic interference, an IP54 solution with a particularly powerful heatpipe cooling system was chosen. 
In-line camera inspection:
Lighting solution as part of a complex camera monitoring system for automated detection and sorting of bad parts in the packaging industry.
The complete system consists of an industrial high-performance server for connecting the cameras and controlling the automation calculation via an IO card.
The software - developed by one of our cooperation partners - detects bad parts using an image matching algorithm based on a self-learning algorithm.
To achieve perfect results, ultra-bright LED illumination is required, which communicates with the server via RS232 and can display different illumination modes. In addition, a microcontroller-controlled status monitoring of the system was implemented.
Complete solution for the control of solar systems:
We supply the complete control technology for a manufacturer of large-scale solar plants. The core of the system are energy-efficient 4U servers with redundant power supply and hot-swappable hard disks in RAID1 network. The systems are delivered ready assembled in racks, including preconfigured UPS.
DC-DC ATX Converter:
DC-DC converter according to ATX specification. The converter has a wide range input of 15... 25V DC and operates with approx. 96% efficiency very close to what is currently technically feasible. The max. Power (combined power) is 150W.  
Opto-isolated GPIO module:
Our customer was looking for an opto-isolated (2kV) GPIO module that is easy to program, can be connected internally via USB to our industrial PC (and other systems) and also has latencies <= 1ms.
All these criteria are met by the solution, which we have developed, tested and manufactured within 3 weeks due to the unusually high time pressure from the customer. In addition, this solution is much cheaper than comparable boards.  
7" automotive display:
Due to the lack of high-quality solutions on the market, a customer from the automotive sector has developed a display for a 7" display, which is integrated in vehicles together with a TX team IPC. For the transflective display and the LVDS/HDMI converter, we opted for a standard solution. The housing is milled in-house from 30mm aluminium blocks. 
Design-server with corporate identity:
Usually, the function is the main focus, but design was also important here. The cover made of blue anodized aluminium shows the customer's company logo. These milled grooves are also ventilation openings. The very noble home server does not require visible screw or other joints. The side part is made of bent and polished stainless steel. 
  Battery-powered system for avionics use: 
The airline's requirement for these systems was that they were designed as loose equipment. This facilitates approval. Our order, for the devices used as entertainment server and WLAN hotspot, included the design and construction of a functional prototype. The demanding specifications were even exceeded with an economical SoC-based system, which is powered by LiFePo batteries and intelligent converter technology.