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Industry 4.0 - Industrial Automation and Monitoring

Application: In-line camera inspection: These systems are used for camera-supported inspection of plastic injection molded parts.

Technology: High performance server from TX-TEAM with a high performance (opto-isolated) GPIO board.

Advantage: High-performance data processing with high computing power, which can process several high-resolution video streams in real time.

Benefit: The industrial servers can be mounted directly on the systems and are therefore exposed to dirt, heat, vibrations and electromagnetic interference. For this purpose, an IP54 solution with particularly powerful Heatpipe cooling system selected.

Design and Security

Application: Design server with corporate identity engraving.

Technology: The blue anodised aluminium cover shows the customer's company logo. These milled grooves also represent ventilation openings.

Advantage: The very noble business server does not require any visible screw or other joining connections. The side part is made of curved and polished stainless steel.

Benefit: Individual custom-made products with engraved logos offer corporate identity and security against theft, among other things.

Industrial Server and High Performance

Application: Control of the command and control vehicles of the company fire brigade of a major airport.

Technology :Powerful 19" industrial server.

Advantage: Various server services were required which run on the device with VMWare ESXi (physically on a RAID1 network).

Benefit: In all areas where server services are to function maintenance-free in 7/24 hour operation with little energy expenditure.

Electrical engineering and development

Application: Opto-isolated (2kV) GPIO module which is easily programmable, can be internally connected to our industrial PCs (and other systems) via USB and furthermore latencies <= 1ms.

Technology: Opto-isolated (2kV) GPIO module.

Advantage: All these features of the module were developed, tested and manufactured by us within 3 weeks.

Benefit: This solution could be manufactured even clearly more favorably than comparable boards.

Industry 4.0 - Industrial Automation and Monitoring

Application: Lighting solution as part of a complex camera monitoring system for automated detection and sorting of bad parts in the packaging industry.

Technology: High-performance server from TX-TEAM for connecting the cameras and controlling the automation technology via an I/O card.

Advantage: The extremely powerful LED lighting communicates via RS-232 standard with the server, which also monitors the status of the system via a microcontroller developed by TX-TEAM.

Benefit: In all areas of production where poor lighting conditions make automated monitoring of production processes difficult.

Robust server protected against vandalism

Application: Development of orders for a security service provider

Technology: 19"/1.5UE, Base body milled from aluminium plates. Front IP54 - protected with status displays and IOs. The housing is sealed and can only be opened from one side. An intelligent chassis intrusion detection protects against physical changes to the system.

Advantage: For particularly high demands on robustness with special protection against manipulation.

Benefit: The device offers access to precisely defined functions while guaranteeing maximum safety.

Hardware development and prototyping

Application:This DIN Mini - IPC for building automation, was specially developed for the spatial restrictions in the control cabinet.

Technology: The IPC is equipped with a quad-core SoC and takes up a volume of only 130x90x44 mm. Connections provided by the maintenance personnel must be quickly accessible (when assembled) from above.

Advantage: The specially developed baseboard only executes the really required signals, i.e. I/Os: This saves costs and increases reliability.

Benefit: The robust all-aluminium housing makes it possible to make simple changes to the layout at a later date.

Vehicle development and monitoring

Application: Measuring and monitoring system for installation in vehicles, ships, airplanes or industrial trucks.

Technology: The system collects data during operation via GPIO, CAN and several high-resolution cameras and evaluates them in real time.

Advantage: The compact and robust device is insensitive to vibrations, temperature fluctuations and fluctuations in the power supply.

Benefit: In all areas of traffic engineering, in industrial production monitoring and in data acquisition and storage of extremely large image volumes in real time.

Our Systems
Industrial & Logistics Business & Office Security & Network Public Organisations
Special environments require special systems: Our industrial systems are developed in-house and carefully tested.

They form the reliable hardware basis for applications in industry, aviation and shipping, in-vehicle and any kind of embedded application (such as HMI, M2M, IoT...).
Fanless and powerful Mini PCs, workstations and servers improve the working environment in every office.

They not only ensure energy efficiency, but also increase efficiency at work. Our solutions are used in server-client environments as well as in the terminal-server area in Windows and Linux environments.
More security, more performance, easier administration: Firewall appliances, (LAN/WLAN/mobile router, VPN gateways, IoT gateways, special solutions.

The cooperation between IPFire and the TX team has enabled us to develop a wide range of customer-specific solutions. Hardware, software, services - exactly according to your needs.
More and more public institutions are shaping their IT in a sustainable way. Highly efficient, durable and regionally manufactured systems from TX-Team, which meet the highest ecological and ergonomic requirements, support them in this.

Exceptionally long usage cycles and minimal service effort lead to significant cost reductions.

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