Development and manufacturing of industrial PC, computers for professional use, customized solutions and IPFire security appliances. Made in Germany.

Expert for fanless systems, operating a 100% noiseless and maintenance - free


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Off-the-shelf solutions
Hardware development
Software development
CNC mashining

Industrial & Logistics

Administration & Education

Public Places

Business & Office

Systems particularly designed for reliability and durability. Our long-term-available Industrial computer solutions are the perfect choice for rough industrial environments. Operating as embedded systems/controllers in remote places, vehicles or as part of HMI and M2M applications.

Efficient, cost-effective, and reliable systems, meeting the latest eco - standards.

Regardless if you have a conventional or a server-based infrastructure - we have the right solutions for you.

Monitoring & Black-/Whitelisting solutions.


Complete system-solutions for digital-signage and HMI applications.

Project-related development, implementation and protection of networks and contents.

Handling of contents and hosting.


Our Office systems delivers great performance and quality to make your business even more successful.

Thousends of customers all over the world values TX-Team's efficient, silent and long-living systems.

Individual configurable in our Online-Shop

Security & Network Appliances

Firewall Appliances, (LAN-/WLAN/LTE-)Router, VPN Gateways, IoT Gateways, Custom solutions

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